Singer-Toby Mac

Toby Mac is a Christian singer with heart. His songs are inspiring and uplifting. One of my personal favorites is called “City On Our Knees.” In it he sings about the world living all together with one King, God. My favorite part of the song is this –

“If you gotta’ start somewhere, why not here?
If you gotta’ start sometime, why not now?
If we gotta’ start somewhere, I say here.
If we gotta’ start sometime, I say now.”

I like that because it say’s why not start believing now. Why don’t we believe now? I think everybody should listen to his music. I highly recommend him for his upbeat tunes that always get stuck in my head and make me wanna sing.
~ Lilian B.

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About ourctl

We are some teenagers that love God and want to help other teenagers to see His love, too!:)

2 thoughts on “Singer-Toby Mac

  1. Brooke Renae says:

    I agree! And Toby is a really encouraging songwriter 🙂 I love his music!

  2. Abigail Harrison says:

    Awsome! you guys are doing a great job!

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