God’s Power. Your Choice.

Ok, I’m back. Sorry it’s been a while. I want to share with you what God can do in everyday life.
Romans 4:20-21 No distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.
That is a christian right there. NOT waivering. Strong in faith. Convinced that God has power.
Matthew 28:18-20 “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, [witness] baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
That is a christian, who obeys this command.
Whenever I am given the opportunity to be a witness, I feel overpowered. With God’s power. Somehow, when I am able to witness I am more pumped with adrenaline than during any other activity I do. So watch out. No, but seriously. God empowers us as christians to give witness of him to others. And honestly, it is the most thrilling activity I know of. NO JOKE. “Sure, sure. Ja of course. Daniel you may say that but, c’mon I go to a christian school and all the people there are christians, or I’m homeschooled and I don’t know alot of people, or I’m public schooled, no one cares about the bible there, So tell me how am I supposed to witness?” Well, that’s what I want to answer. I used to think that witnessing opportuities just popped up randomly, and then I had to wind up the courage to talk and then somehow redirect the conversation to the gospel and then give the romans road. WRONG!!!!!! and it has an pinch of truth. Number one, you can witness to anyone, ya even other born again christians. To be a witness is just pointing out to others who God is and what his word says. Number two, you don’t have to steer the conversation slowly to any given point. You have to, wait for it…. pray. Most people I talk to are totally disinterested when I want to talk about the God, sadly often I am too. This may have not mad sense at all to this point. I was sorta random. Sorry let’s go from the ground up. One, you aren’t the key person in a witnessing opportunity. God is. Two, Since God is key to the opportunity, prayer is essential, you need to pray for the opportunity, when you then see it, and when your in it, and especially after it. Prayer is also essential because God is the key. Three, cut to the quick. When a friend or acquantance starts talking to you about wordly things, get straight to the bible. Ask things like: where they go to church, what they have read in their pesrsonal devotions, what they have experienced with God. Don’t gentlly steer towards a Godly topic, because it is way to easy to lose sight of the real goal. And finally, Let God take over, which meens, Enjoy, be persistant, smile, and realize that if you have God’s truth then you’rr right and you will always have an answer, it might not be a quick answer but, God will give you an answer. That is if you’ve prayed, read your bible seriuosly and think about God’s ways often. After you have prepared, then God will plop down opportuities faster tahn you can accept them. Witnessing opportunities are not random to God only to you, so be prepared. (Letting God take over does not mean stop talking for all you shy people, and it’s not mystiv in any way, it’s just doing what you have already been prepared to do and watching God do the work.)
Now this is where I challenge you. My theory as to why most christian teens don’t witness is not because of the lack of opportunities but because of the lack of heart. Either they lack courage, or they don’t love God, or they don’t pray enough for an opportunity. (like me). Think of it. Without courage well you won’t be able to witness because, well you lack courage. If you’re not saved, of cousrse you can’t witness because you can’t give what you do not have. And if you don’t pray then God doesn’t get the credit so why would he let you witness. Consider this as a message from someone who has lacked all three at one point and now often lacks the first one and the last one. Pray, commit, sit back and enjoy God’s show. Because God can do AWESOME things.
Interesting fact: I started writing this devo at nine fifty five and now it’s about ten forty five. ( I type soooooo so slow)

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We are some teenagers that love God and want to help other teenagers to see His love, too!:)

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