Creed of Gold: Who Controls the Wealth of Nations?

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Join an unlikely hero as college student Adam Smith (TAYLOR LINDSAY) faces off against the entire international monetary system in a saga that begins with his father Professor Dostoevsky in Moscow, Russia and ends with Adam in New York City. What began as a simple term paper on the United States Federal Reserve becomes a fight for their lives as Adam and his research partner Kirsten (ELLEN LAWRENCE) seek to expose international corruption. This is the story of a college student who against all odds must clear his father’s name and protect the financial interests of the world from those who would exploit it. With the clock ticking, can Adam bring down the international monetary syndicate responsible for the death of his own father and behind the destruction of millions around the globe before he himself is permanently eliminated?

This film is created by the Christian film company Crystal Creek Media. This film shows uses money to show that what we believe impacts not only us but the people around us. Creed of Gold won the Redemptive Storyteller Award at the Redemptive Film Festival and the Official Selection Award at the Maranatha Christian International Film Festival (MCIFF).

I could not find a rating for Creed of Gold. However, it is very family friendly. I would rate it PG for a small amount of violence.

I love this film, and hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy it and its message.

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