There are a few things in life that you can’t live without, and if you try to, you are miserable, hurting, and basically stuck in a ditch, so to say. Some essentials include food, water, fellowship with God, and motivation.
What makes you get up in the morning? If your answer is your parents, then your motivation is fear. If your answer is yourself, then you can be motivated by a number of different things, such as greedily wanting to please yourself in some kind of entertainment, wanting to get something done that day that would make you feel good, simple awaiting the new fun day, a weight of knowing you have something to accomplish, or focused on getting your day’s tasks done to the best of your abilities, some of are good. Sometimes there are a mixture of different motives. But my point is that there is a motivation. There is a motivation for every action. Hunger motivates us to the fridge. The want for entertainment motivates us to the tv or computer. The want for a relationship with God motivates us to prayer and worship.
But what about the hard things in life? Where does our motivation lie when we have to take out the trash, or unload the dishes, or do homework, or listen to that annoying teacher, or put up with that sibling? I propose that our motivation should always be on God. We are sent by God to be salt and light, and to live that out in our daily lives means to be God-focused instead of self-focused. Our motivator should be to please God in doing our best with even the most menial of tasks so that we can show how glorious God is in the face of the world and it’s laziness, and also to learn and train to be a servant of God so that he can use us more effectively later. We not only need to have motivation in large amounts, but we need to have the right kind.
Soldiers are some very highly motivated individuals. They go through drill after drill to sharpen their body and their skills to serve their country in the field of combat. But are we not soldiers as well? It says in Ephesians 6 that we need to put on the armor of God and fight against the devil. One of the devil’s favorite and most effective weapons is laziness. It causes Christians to be useless to God, or at least ineffective. It can slowly creep into your life and steal it away from service to God to service to self. We need to fight it. We need motivation–godly motivation.
Elijah Fry

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