The Struggle

Tenth Avenue North’s song ‘The Struggle’ from their new album (also titled The Struggle), is a great reminder that it’s okay to be broken and to struggle, because if we didn’t we wouldn’t have a reason for grace.


We are free to struggle

We’re not struggling to be free

Your blood bought and makes us children

Children drop your chains and sing

Despite our imperfection God continues to view us as his children. He went to such great and painful lengths to make us that way. He sought us out in spite of our rebellion, and it was all for love. He’s given us a chance for new life with him, even though we continue to break his heart. It’s mind blowing!

Hallelujah, death is overcome

And we are breathing

Hallelujah, our stone hearts become

Flesh that’s beating

Hallelujah, chains have been undone

And we are singing

Hallelujah, the fire has begun

Can you feel it?

No matter what we do or say he’ll still love us desperately. It’s crazy! But that’s our God. He doesn’t need us but he wants us.

Sure we’ll mess up, but the point is he’s going to be there waiting with a bucket full of grace ready to embrace us.

We are free to struggle, but we’re not struggling to be free.

That’s something I never want to forget.

-Elizabeth L. W.

About Elizabeth L. W.

Hello! I'm Elizabeth, I'm the oldest of 3 homeschooled kids. Jesus is my best friend, and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I have a passion for the 27 million people trapped in modern-day slavery around the world, including the United States. I'm a rather random individual, and I talk to myself quite a bit, which usually scares most mortals. I love to read (hence the blog filled with book reviews); I like most genres, action, adventure, historical, fantasy, si-fi, dystopia, nonfiction, and modern fiction. Though I do not do romance. I think it's cheese-y and a lot of the time the romance takes away from the plot, it isn't very well thought out. But that's just my opinion, it's not written in stone or anything like that, you just won't see many romance books floating around on my blog, that's all. I love music, mostly Christian Rock, though I do love my Disney station on Pandora... I'm a Whovian, which means I watch the British TV show Doctor Who excessively! It's an awesomely nerdy show! You should check it out! :-) I also like Sherlock, another British TV show. It's pretty awesome as well! I guess you could call me a writer, though I'm not your typical writer. I can't stand anything I write, but there is this driving force that keeps pushing me back to that pen and paper, that I can't seem to shake. I guess I'm a reluctant writer. I make jewelry for myself and friends and family. I used to do it a lot more, but it's kind of slacked off lately. I have a few posts with pictures floating around on the blog, you might want to check them out! I run the sound system at my church and try to keep the technology in check, which can be very interesting! I am just barely 5 feet tall, and would love to be a little taller, but I'll admit I do enjoy all the jokes about being short... :-P My absolute favorite book would have to be J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. I've read plenty of books, some of them have even become serious favorites, but The Hobbit will always hold a special place in my heart. :-)

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