A Challenge

Recently, I read about a group of pro abortionists protesting in Austin, Texas. They were blatantly shouting, “Hail Satan!” Offensive signs held high, blood smeared onto shirts. Screaming men and women, all crying out for the right to kill the innocent.

I wondered how the world had fallen so far that they accept these things. But now I know better. It is not just the world that consents to these horrors.

We as Christians are stagnating, becoming numbed until, even within the church, we are accepting such things as homosexuality, abortion, and many kinds of oppression. When we could do the most good, we are divided over countless superfluous arguments. We cannot lead anyone while sinking back into the sin that Christ, by his grace, has pulled us out of. God didn’t call us to do the same as everyone else, but to be set apart as an example for non-Christians. Instead, we barely believe our own doctrines.

Even Buddhists, Mormons, and Muslims have more dedication to their beliefs than us to ours. Jehovah’s Witnesses map out their communities for witnessing. Buddhists and Muslims vigorously enforce their religious laws.

It ought to put us to shame. Does it? The answer is saddening. This is a very preached-on topic. Countless sermons are preached on mediocrity. Sadly, it never seems to get through. People will think at the time: “That is so right. We will try to be better.”

Then they go home and live just like before.

But all of this is not meant to discourage you, only to challenge you. In a world where right is wrong and wrong is right, stand out. Be set apart for God’s purpose. I trust that you will be the ones that respond to the challenge and step out in faith.

Remember that we are a generation chosen to do great things for God. If we are willing, with God’s strength, we can be overcomers. We can make the change!



About ourctl

We are some teenagers that love God and want to help other teenagers to see His love, too!:)

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