Blimey cow

Blimey cow is a group of people who make videos online. You can find them on you tube. I will post a link below. The videos cover a range of optics, with a new video every Monday. I find their videos hilarious. I encourage you to check them out at .

New year, new Bible reading plans?

When we think about a new year, most people think resolutions. That’ s something most people do every year. Here is the  top new years resolutions for 2013…

1.)    Eat healthy/Exercise.
2.)    Drink Less Alcohol.
3.)    Learn Something New.
4.)    Quit Smoking.
5.)    Better Work/Life Balance.
6.)    Volunteer.
7.)    Save Money.
8.)    Get Organized.
9.)    Read More.
10.)    Finish those around the house “to-do” lists.

Notice something that’s not on there? Read the Bible more. That should be on everybody’s list! So, I know a great site that can give you some wonderful Bible reading plans! Find it here at I recommend you check it out and sign up for some plans!


M1820:Youth In Prayer

As you may have seen above, we are now accepting prayer requests. That’s kinda what M1820:Youth In Prayer is all about. You can sign up to receive prayer requests and send in your own. It’s a really great site and I recommend that you sign up, I did! Maybe soon we will be reading each others prayer requests.:)