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Gold is Britt Nicole’s new album. It has some of the best songs I have ever heard on it. On one song, called “Ready Or Not” Lecrae joins in and Britt and him sing together.  One of my favorite of all the songs is one called “Amazing Life”. it is very high energy and fun! One part is-

You are the burning in my heart that never dies, never dies
Without You here my world is black and white
Like a show without a stage
Like a storm without the rain
You are the one I can’t replace
Need You by my side
Need You by my side

That is just amazing. Without Jesus, our life is like a storm without rain, a show without a stage. We are so blessed with an amazing life, we need to celebrate it!




I’m Not Who I Was

By: Brandon Heath

One of the first steps of changing your lifestyle is changing yourself. You must give up a lot of things, like your usual hobbies, your usual habits, and many others.  Sometimes, it also requires you to give up your decisions that you think was right. Remember your life before you changed? It was full of trouble, pride, and misunderstandings.

” I’m Not Who I Was” is about looking back to the past and seeing how things have been after you changed. You’ve discovered your talents and forgiven your enemies. Finally, your hoping you will see them again soon.

Here’s a link to the song. Happy listening!:)

Twin Z.

Singer-Jamie Grace

On her album, One Song At A Time, Jamie Grace mixes in her love of God with some playful lyrics and tunes that will get stuck in your head,
in a good way. On this album there are 11 songs that are sure to make you
wanna sing along.

My personal favorite is her song called “Holding On.” My favorite part of the song is
the chorus which says this –

“I’ll just keep holding on for what I believe / Oh, I believe in You /
Give me the strength for the fight / And the heart to
believe when it’s hard to believe in You”

I enjoy and highly recommend that you listen to her songs.
~ Lilian B.

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