Update On M1820

Here is a message from JG Carse from M1820:Youth In prayer…

We have officially grown out of our old site. If you are going to use a form to submit prayer requests go to the link below and if your refer it to others send them to the link below also to join.


The official home page is:


Your Brother In Christ,

JG Carse



We really need a graphic designer for our newsletter. We have somebody for this month, but then we have nobody. So if you can help us, please email us at ourctl.gmail.com . Then if you could send a sample of your work we would be pleased. If you need some help, my friend can help teach you and answer your questions. Thanks so much!
~The whole team of CTL

CTL Newsletter

Attention everybody! CTL is now starting a monthly newsletter. We will be starting this August. If you would like to receive this, please sign up to follow our blog via email on the sidebar. We will then send the email to you sometime in August. If you are following this blog but for some reason you do not want to receive the email, please comment on this post with your email listed or contact us at ourctl@gmail.com . Thanks!
~ The whole crew of CTL
P.S. We are also looking for guest posts each month. If you would like more info, please email us at the email mentioned above.



Announcement!!!! Calling all girls! Real4Him is a brand new blog made just for girls, made by us girls at CTL. We really think you should check it out. And though their is not a lot now, we are going to add a LOT more to it. Thanks!

~Girls of CTL

(Boy’s, don’t worry. The boy’s of CTL are making a boys blog too. So it shouldn’t take too long…)