Grace Unplugged

Grace Unplugged is a new Christian movie starring A.J. Michalka and Jamie Grace, with a guest appearance by Chris Tomlin. I read the book before seeing the movie and it is sooo good. Better then the movie. The movie is really good. It’s about a girl who just turned 18. Her dad was a rockstar gone Christian. Well his daughter, Grace, wants to go into the music business. So she goes against her parents will. She slips and struggles, but she finds her way back to God. The movie is family friendly and really portrays how no matter what you do, God still loves you and is still there for you. I recommend this movie for just about anyone.

12 years ago

Today we need to be in prayer. 12 years ago today was a emotional day for many all across the nation. I will be remembering those who may have lost someone on that sad day.

That Time Again

So it’s that time again… Back to school…. Some of you might have gone back to school already. We’re you happy? Most of you would give an enthusiastic NO! You are busier now. So this post is just an encouragement to pray. Pray for-

*your own life. Ask God to help you through your busy schedule and to help you bless everyone you encounter on a daily basis.

*your classmates. They are going through a lot too. And some of them, maybe most of them even, don’t even know God or anything about Him. I encourage you to pray for them, that the ones that don’t know Him to find him, or even pray if you are the one to lead them for you to know when. Also pray for the ones that know Him already. Pray for their walk and that they would grow closer to Him.


So I found this quote online and wanted to share it with you guys and girls. I want you to think about this. Enjoy!

GRACE-God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.
– Author Unknown


A Challenge

Recently, I read about a group of pro abortionists protesting in Austin, Texas. They were blatantly shouting, “Hail Satan!” Offensive signs held high, blood smeared onto shirts. Screaming men and women, all crying out for the right to kill the innocent.

I wondered how the world had fallen so far that they accept these things. But now I know better. It is not just the world that consents to these horrors.

We as Christians are stagnating, becoming numbed until, even within the church, we are accepting such things as homosexuality, abortion, and many kinds of oppression. When we could do the most good, we are divided over countless superfluous arguments. We cannot lead anyone while sinking back into the sin that Christ, by his grace, has pulled us out of. God didn’t call us to do the same as everyone else, but to be set apart as an example for non-Christians. Instead, we barely believe our own doctrines.

Even Buddhists, Mormons, and Muslims have more dedication to their beliefs than us to ours. Jehovah’s Witnesses map out their communities for witnessing. Buddhists and Muslims vigorously enforce their religious laws.

It ought to put us to shame. Does it? The answer is saddening. This is a very preached-on topic. Countless sermons are preached on mediocrity. Sadly, it never seems to get through. People will think at the time: “That is so right. We will try to be better.”

Then they go home and live just like before.

But all of this is not meant to discourage you, only to challenge you. In a world where right is wrong and wrong is right, stand out. Be set apart for God’s purpose. I trust that you will be the ones that respond to the challenge and step out in faith.

Remember that we are a generation chosen to do great things for God. If we are willing, with God’s strength, we can be overcomers. We can make the change!




Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Prov. 3:5&6

The above verse seems like I can remember the first half since I could remember. It was one of the basic bible memorization verses. Now this may be your first time hearing it. That’s ok. I’m gonna dissect the verse and explain each part.

Trust in The Lord: that means you must believe in him, count on him. And he will never let you down. Ever.

With all your Heart: that means you must wholeheartedly believe in him. You can’t say “well I believe in god with this stuff and I trust him in this only”. You have to say “I trust god with everything in my life”. And you must believe it. I think we all struggle there.

And lean not on your own understanding: I have always had a hard time understanding this part. But I have more recently began understanding it more. So I will give the best explanation I can. It means that you shouldn’t just believe what you think. You need to seek god in all situations.

In all ways acknowledge Him : that means to show him in all you do. Let everybody see Jesus when they look at you. Let everybody see his actions.

And he will make straight your paths: so if you follow him and trust in him, he is going to help you! He will be with you at all times and help you with your daily life! And he does that even if you don’t trust him.

So trusting in God is the right way to go!